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“History of the birth of the 3A company”

The first A, Art-Sisal started its business in 1985 by purchasing 3 sewing machines.

Memory of the entrepreneur:

“My father Pasini Alessandro called me and told me: when you come back from the military you have to buy sewing machines to start your business”.

That phone call was my start.
Art -sisal thus begins by purchasing the 3 machines and will subsequently take over from OMT which already produced abrasive discs in the early 60s for metal cleaning.

The second A, Abrawheel, was born in 2015, taking over the friars disc factory.

From that year the production and collaboration with foreign companies began.

The third A, Aurodisk, was born in 2020 in collaboration with Abrawheel srl. Hence the idea of the innovative startup 3 A

LA 3 A is still involved in research and development of cleaning materials. Create new forms and new ideas to transform the product,
for any material to be cleaned with metals of any kind.

Plastic, wood and marble will be our future goals.

In the family we also have the opportunity to test all the research articles thanks to an internal company that deals with polishing stainless steel cutlery.

The entrepreneur Pasini Agostino.

In these 35 years of activity, he has made his availability and his knowledge available to his customers, always looking for suitable material for each and every request.

Available at any time and at any time, responding to the requests of each customer. Over the years, his research has generated 360 ° trade in the insertion of multiple materials such as the scocht brite range, the range of 960 diameter discs used on robotics for finishing the satin finish and then all the pastes in flexible abrasives and machines for metal finish.

Finally, it boasts the collaboration with some of the most important Italian and foreign companies in the abrasive paste sector.