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Who we are

“Abrawheel is constantly growing, keeping up with the search for the products that the market requires”

The story of the entrepreneur

In 1985 Art-sisal began its journey into the world of abrasive production of discs for metal finishing and polishing.

It takes over from OMT record production of the early 60s.

The range of products was immediately expanded to offer its customers maximum availability of solutions.


“My father Alessandro Pasini called me and told me: when you come back from the military you have to buy sewing machines to start your business”.

That phone call was my start.

ART-SISAL begins like this, with the purchase of 3 sewing machines.

In 2015 abrawheel srl takes the field with sisal production, and collaborations with Italy abroad with exclusivity.

Buy the Dischificio FRATI company in the sector since the early 70s

In 2020 Abrawheel srl buys AURODISK another Brescia artisan company of the early 60s in turn a company handed down in the family, with AURODISK makes a < strong> MERGER in order to keep the brand and create the THIRD (A).

ABRAWHEELSRL in doing so got involved, giving all its customers the opportunity to have the full range of products at 360 degrees, starting from: production of scocht brite, 960 diameter discs used in robotics for finishing and polishing and satin finishing , the whole range of cloth, cotton, quilted, camouflage, shirting discs (and so on and so forth) etc …. but above all the flexible abrasive range, and the whole range of solid and liquid abrasive paste.

The 3 A Art-Sisal Abrawheel Aurodisk

It will be the new INNOVATIVE STARTUP that will take care of all the R&D part of cleaning materials for the entire segment of materials to be cleaned.

OBJECTIVE: to create new shapes and new ideas to transform products and materials for cleaning any material: plastic, wood, marble, as well as all metals.

In addition, in the family we have the opportunity to test all the items produced by having a polishing that deals with polishing of stainless steel cutlery.

The entrepreneur Agostino Pasini

In almost 40 years of activity, he has made his availability and his knowledge available to his customers, always looking for appropriate solutions to the request.

Available at any time and at any moment being a craftsman in heart and soul, responding to the requests of each of his customers.

Over the years, his research has generated 360-degree trade.

“Art Sisal – Aurodisk – Abrawheel”